The Churchill Club's Amazing Acts

I have just finished an interesting book on the Churchill Club called “The Boys Who Challenged Hitler; Knud Pedersen and the Churchill Club” by Phillip Hoose. It tells an intriguing and true tale of a few boys who stood up to the German occupation in Denmark during World War 2. In the beginning of the German occupation, the citizens of Denmark did not stand up against the Germans, and the Government let them take control of their country. However, Knud Pedersen and a few other boys were ashamed of how their government was acting, and decided to do something about it. They named themselves the Churchill Club, and stood up to the Germans by using graffiti on their base walls, and even ruining German cars! Even though they were caught and jailed, they sparked inspiration in the Denmark citizens, and sparked the Denmark rebellion, and their separation from Germany. This is an amazing book, and though the end is depressing, the beginning is very inspiring. This book is also a great reminder of how the way one small group acts can change a nation.


  1. A wonderful review of the book, Kyla! I have read many books of the World War II era. There are so many touching stories. I was blessed to be able to visit on of the prison camps from World War II...Dachau in Germany. It was a very emotional visit. Keep up the good work with your writing skills!

  2. Thank you Kyla. I will see if our library has that book. WWll is my second favorite era to rrad about. Papaw

  3. You made me want to read this book, so I just requested it from the library :)

    1. I read it and have shared the story many times :)


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