My Heart for Sudanese Refugees

There are young children in a refugee camp. They are the survivors of the Sudanian Civil War. Some of them have been trapped for years in a place called Kakuma in Kenya, Africa. They look forward to the day when trash comes to the camp, and they can hunt for the smallest scrap of anything edible. They get some small rations every year, but many are stolen by the older inhabitants of the camp. These children view America as a near heaven. Some children have been taken to America, but these efforts stopped when the two towers crashed on 9/11, because the government did not want to risk taking in terrorists. Many of these children are still living in the refugee camp, with no hope of a better future.

A good book that tells more about these situations is "Running for My Life," By Lopez Lomong.

I hope to raise awareness so more children can have more opportunities to learn about Jesus, for a better life, and possibly reach America.


  1. I love your blog Kyla keep up the good writing!

  2. Great K. I will follow you from Costa Rica.. You will change the world..


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