The More of Less book review

I have been reading a good book called “The More of Less” by Joshua Becker, about becoming a minimalist, and its benefits. It tells how getting rid of some things, even things you think you need, can free up your life and help you focus on more important priorities. While minimizing is different for everyone, clearing up and getting rid of things that are not really something you are investing in an be a great life benefit. “The More of Less” is very inspiring, even life changing, and also helps clear up some of the problems you will face while trying to minimize. This book clarifies the difference between organizing and minimizing, clearing the distractions in your home, to focus on what is truly important to you. “The More of Less” is an amazing book, that I hope you will read. It has truly changed my perspective on possessions and true focus.


  1. My art supplies are keepers. I have let go of some of the craft supplies I don't use.

  2. You have just added another book to my list of books to read ;)
    Is this one available at the library?


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