"I Will Always Write Back" Book Review

"I Will Always Write Back; How One Letter Changed Two Lives" is an amazing, true book about how an American girl, Caitlin Alifirenka, became pen pals with a Zimbabwean boy, Martin Ganda, and how their friendship changed their lives forever.  They have now grown up, and wrote the book themselves, nineteen years after they first started corresponding.

Martin and Caitlin became fast friends through their letters, but Martin never told Caitlin that his family barely had enough money to survive, and Martin did not even have the money to go to school, even though he loved to study and wanted to become a doctor. When Caitlin found out, she really wanted to help, so she sent twenty dollars.  Caitlin and her parents continued to send money, worth more than twenty times as much in Zimbabwe.

However, even with Caitlin's support, will Martin be able to find enough money to go to college in the states and become a doctor?  Read the book yourself to find out!


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