Outdoor Towns

My siblings and I invented a really fun game once that we called "Crosstown." Since we have had so much fun with it, I wanted to share it with you.

Crosstown is actually a game about a town that we created in our yard. Each of us has a "house" (otherwise known as a tree, trampoline, stump, or rock) that we "live in" for the game. We all have a "car" aka scooter, cozycoop or bike. Then, each of us has set up a small stand, a piece of wood, basket, or whatever we can find, to sell our merchandise on. Normally what we sell or trade with are along the lines of pretty rocks, mud pies, flowers, dyes made from crushed flowers, popsicle sticks, walnuts, leaves, shells and fruit. It is so much fun making deals and trading with each other, then coming to our trees with a small treasure of some kind, and probably will be for children of all ages.


  1. Love the economy. I may have to play sometime

  2. Ah, yes! I used to be an attorney there, haha. This is Jen, by the way.


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