Trip Saga, Day 14

Today we left early in the morning after a hasty breakfast. We packed up, gave our final hugs, and clambered into the car. We were all very sad when it was time to go, because we won’t see Uncle Bob, Aunt Sue, Anna and Amanda for another year.
 Our car has now pulled out of the driveway. We are officially on the road again! We are not making a direct trip though, our next detour is in about an hour at the Udar-Harvey Air and Space Museum. There is an actual space shuttle there, that we have been wanting to see. We just pulled in, and hurried inside. The museum will only be open for another hour, and there is so much to see! We will have to hurry. There are huge rooms filled with planes, hanging from the ceiling or standing on the ground. We saw the space shuttle, which is HUGE, we saw the SR-71 Blackbird, (the fastest self-propelled plane), and we saw any number of tiny planes too. It was awesome! We left the museum after buying several small metal model planes and one plane shaped kite, and got back on the car. Now all we need to do is lay back and settle in for a long, long drive. 7.5 hours to be exact! We are going to Knoxville, Tennessee, where we will spend the night at Springhill Suites. Tomorrow we will go to the Tennessee Aquarium!