Trip Saga, Day 5

Today, we get to head out  to the lake! While Mom and the four younger kids load up to pick Dad up from the airport, I stay at the lake with Bob, Sue, Granna, Poppa, Anna and Amanda. The grown-ups talk for a while and we finish up breakfast, and then we head to the lake. Amanda hunts for minnows with a piece of an old bun and a net while we jump in the water. We swim and play on the slide until Granna shouts “Look at this! It’s a huge fish!!!” We all come to look, and see that several fish were attracted to the bread that Amanda had left in the water. “Let’s get the fishing pole!” I said, exited. We went into the closet and were able to retrieve one, and once we baited the hook with more potato bun bait, we lowered it into the water. Not long after, a small catfish was reeled onto the dock. We let that one go, but caught two more. Afterwards, we went waterskiing, (I got up and went a long ways!) and went for an evening tube. Tubing is so much fun, especially when you go extra fast and bumpy!


  1. Sounds like a fun trip. I love to waterski. I can't wait to read what else you did.


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