Concerning an Autograph Book

When I was visiting Grandma and Pa-Paws house, we decided to go through a old trunk that once belonged to my Great-Great-Great-Grandmother. Among the thousands of newspaper clippings, a blouse, long brown skirt, and fancy pink dress, I found an autograph book she used to have. Here are some of the poems that are written in it:

As the scent of roses pure, so will my love for thee endure.

Remember me, and my best wishes, when you’re at home, washing dishes.

All I wish is one small spot In which to write “Forget me not”

In pleasure’s dream or sorrows hour, In crowded hall or lonely bower, The business of my soul shall be, for ever to remember Thee.

When in your easy chair you are sitting, your day’s work being, when of absent one’s you are thinking, just think of me for fun.

May all you years in joy be passed and each prove happier than the last, in the wish of your friend.