Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child is an amazing organization, that sends gifts packed in shoeboxes across the world to children in need, and shares the gospel with them. Samaritans Purse will give them their first Christmas Gift ever, and then tell them about the Gospel.  It can be really impactful, and if one child learns about Jesus and tells their family, and they tell somebody else, it can spread really quickly.    You can help by packing a gift for one of these children inside a shoebox and turning it in at a drop off location by November 14-21. You can also send my family small stuffed animals, modest dolls, toy cars, jump ropes, Frisbees, small plastic toys, ect. and we will pack them in boxes and send them for you. I am hoping that we can gather 100 shoeboxes to send. We need all donations by November twelfth, and all packed boxes by the 13th.