Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Grand Canyon

A few days ago, we went to the Grand Canyon. It was a short drive there from the house, and when all was said and done, we got there at 11:30. We stopped and ate a snackish lunch in the car, while planning where was a priority and where was not.
 We decided on stopping by the Visitors Center to learn a bit about the Canyon, and then to walk along the rim trail. We arrived at the Visitors Center, after a very difficult search for a parking space, then walked for a while until we were at the door.
 Inside, we got our Junior Ranger Books, (More about this later) and then looked around a while. They had some interesting exhibits, about exploration in the canyon, and white water rafting on the Colorado river. When we had enough, which didn’t take long seeing as the littles’ tolerance for exhibits can be low, and because we were all eager to see the actual canyon as opposed to pictures of it. 
We had not walked long along the trail before we came to the first viewing point. It is the truth that you can never tell how huge the Grand Canyon is until you see it, and I’m still not sure we grasped the full scope of the thing. The rangers told us later that it is about 217 mi. long, and a mile deep! If you stand close enough to the fence, so you can’t  see anything but the canyon; and then jump upward, it feels for a split second like you’re falling into the canyon. Suddenly though, you hit the ground and realize that you’re still safely on the lookout point, staring down into the canyon. 
Another thing I liked doing is standing on the very edge of the canyon and spread your arms, it feels like you’re flying! 
We continued on the trail, stopping at several more points to look at the canyon, and then at the end of the trail a few of us, Dad, Nathan, Lincoln and I ran back to the van across the trail, then drove back to pick the others up.  It had been a great day!
Here are some pictures of the canyon: