Monday, November 28, 2016

Winter's Coming

This is a poem I wrote for Language Arts, about the coming of winter.

Winter’s Coming
The days gray and plants wilt, as the wind whistles through the eaves,
The trees decide to slowly let go of their leaves.
The frosts’ gentle touch whitens the grass in the eve, and the morning,
The summer birds are all gone south, cardinals are the landscape joining.
The air is crisp, fresh, and cold, and soon Ma shall say
We must all bundle up as we go out to play.
Winter is coming, Christmas is near,
Soon sleigh bells will ring and gifts appear,
Soon we shall celebrate Jesus’ birth,
Celebrate with family, food and mirth.
Winter is coming, and Christmas along,
A whole new year will add its’ song.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Taking out the Trash

I got to write a short, true story for language arts, and decided to make it about how I take out the trash- on my bicycle. This is what I wrote:

The girl stepped out of the garage hefting up a trash bag on her shoulder, setting it down in front of her bicycle, which stood ready in front of the door; then cocked her head and studied it. Seeming to come to a conclusion, she  lifted the bag up onto the bar of her bicycle and started to walk it. She did so until she came to the second cattle-guard, and then mounted it and flew down the hill that was her driveway. Reaching the bottom, she squeezed her brakes and came to a sudden stop. Miraculously, the trash bag was still firmly placed on the bar of her vehicle. She lifted it down, and threw it inside the bin that stood by the road. Then she walked across the road to her mailbox, and put the contents in the satchel at her side. Then, walking to her bicycle and mounting it again, she slowly started to pedal back up the hill. She smiled. She loved taking out the trash.

Side note:
If you have been to our house, you probably know what I mean about a hill being our driveway! Also, It is just about the longest driveway I have ever seen!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Concerning an Autograph Book

When I was visiting Grandma and Pa-Paws house, we decided to go through a old trunk that once belonged to my Great-Great-Great-Grandmother. Among the thousands of newspaper clippings, a blouse, long brown skirt, and fancy pink dress, I found an autograph book she used to have. Here are some of the poems that are written in it:

As the scent of roses pure, so will my love for thee endure.

Remember me, and my best wishes, when you’re at home, washing dishes.

All I wish is one small spot In which to write “Forget me not”

In pleasure’s dream or sorrows hour, In crowded hall or lonely bower, The business of my soul shall be, for ever to remember Thee.

When in your easy chair you are sitting, your day’s work being, when of absent one’s you are thinking, just think of me for fun.

May all you years in joy be passed and each prove happier than the last, in the wish of your friend.

Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child is an amazing organization, that sends gifts packed in shoeboxes across the world to children in need, and shares the gospel with them. Samaritans Purse will give them their first Christmas Gift ever, and then tell them about the Gospel.  It can be really impactful, and if one child learns about Jesus and tells their family, and they tell somebody else, it can spread really quickly.    You can help by packing a gift for one of these children inside a shoebox and turning it in at a drop off location by November 14-21. You can also send my family small stuffed animals, modest dolls, toy cars, jump ropes, Frisbees, small plastic toys, ect. and we will pack them in boxes and send them for you. I am hoping that we can gather 100 shoeboxes to send. We need all donations by November twelfth, and all packed boxes by the 13th.