Sir Norlan, Chapter 5

In Which the Deal is Sealed

Sir Norlan pondered this. He had, after all, come here to gain riches- if he accepted this

deal then he would never want for anything. “What is the price?” he asked.

“That, you will find out once you accept the deal.” The dragon said, “But it involves no

physical harm on your part.”

“Don’t do it. It’s a trap!” The Lady Eleanor shouted to him from the other side of the


The knight knew he should not even consider the offer- dragons were tricky creatures

and it was probably a trap- but the thought of endless gold intoxicated him enough to

make him pause. This was all the opportunity Leolian needed. The dragon shoved the

knight to a door in the wall that Sir Norlan was sure had not been there before. It was

covered in gold, with an enormous gemstone near the top. Sir Norlan, recovering his

senses, struggled against the dragon’s grip, but it was no use. The knight expected to

find a cold, hard dungeon when the Leolian shoved him through the door, but he found

something entirely different.

The knight toppled over inside a massive room, hearing the door close loudly behind him.

It was a sitting room, with a large table in the center and the walls covered in tapestries.

There was a roaring fire at the back of the room, and another door at the side. Sir Norlan

opened it, and there found a bedroom equally as splendid, with a canopy bed and golden


Though these chambers were beautiful, the knight realized he was in a sort of prison. He

tried the door that led outside, but it would not budge. He kept trying to get out for what

felt like hours, though he had no way of keeping time. At one point, realizing that trying to

escape was futile, he slumped to the ground. Sir Norlan muttered to himself grumpily,

“I wish I had some food, at least.” (This was the most intelligent thing he had said on his

quest thus far- when trapped in a dragon’s lair it is always nice to have something to eat.)

There before him, as soon as the words were out of his mouth, there appeared a spread of

all sorts of things to eat- chicken and potatoes, cookies and bread.

“Amazing!” the knight exclaimed, jumping up from his place on the floor in a mixture of

fear and excitement. How had the food appeared so quickly, seemingly out of nowhere?

Would it be safe to eat? Was it because he had wished for the food that it had come? Sir

Norlan tested his theory, saying, “I wish for gold coins.” He held his breath in anticipation,

and soon- sure enough- there was a stack of coins in front of him.

The knight was so awestruck by his discovery that he spent the rest of the day in his chambers,

wishing for all sorts of things- from rubies to pies and gold to chicken legs. He fell asleep that

night atop a huge stack of all sorts of treasures, and awoke in the morning, when he fell off

of his stack of gold and acquired a large knot on his head. Sir Norlan tried to wish the knot

away, but his wishes seemed to only work with supplying materials, not healing wounds. So,

the rest of his day was spent much like the one before- wishing for things and hoarding piles of