Cream Puffs (French Feast)

Finally, this French feast concludes with a favorite dessert- cream puffs. This version
of the classic dish features ice cream as the filling, and boasts a melted chocolate
coating on the top.

The cream puffs were baked with an amazingly simple list of ingredients- water, butter,
salt, flour, and eggs. It is the method of cooking, rather than the ingredients, that make
this dish unique. First the water, butter and salt are combined in a pot and melted and
boiled. Then the flour is added, and the dough is quickly removed from heat. The result
is a smooth, thick dough in a matter of minutes.

The next step is to add eggs, but not directly to the pot. First the eggs are whisked by
themselves, until thoroughly thrashed, and then they can be added to the dough.
Whisking the eggs separately first introduces air bubbles to the egg white, which is
important to the cooking process.

After the dough is thoroughly mixed, the cream puffs go into muffin cups, then in the
oven. My cream puffs rose incredibly well despite their lack of yeast, baking powder or
soda, bubbling up far over the top of the muffin tin. After the desserts have cooled, they
are cut into halves and chocolate is melted. Then all that remains to be done is to
assemble the cream puffs. First the tops are covered in melted chocolate- then they are
sandwiched around scoops of ice cream. I used salted caramel, but almost any flavor
will work.

The cream puffs consistency was light and airy, but also just slightly rubbery, like an English Muffin.
It paired very well with the ice cream, and made a delightful ending to our French meal.

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