Raddish Review- Tapas

Tapas are a traditional Spanish dish that I took a stab at (using the Raddish recipe supplied in their box) a few days ago. They are typically served in between meals, but I cooked three of them for a snacky lunch.
Tapas probably originated in the 18th century, as “lids” of bread and meat to cover drinks at bars. The saltiness of these toppings also helped the bartenders sell drinks. Now, this style of snack has transitioned into a plethora of savory appetizers. Some of these include Spanish Olives, Croquetas, Gambas al ajillo, and Albondigas. I made a selection of Bacon Wrapped Dates, Patatas Bravas, and Pan con Tomate.
The first dish I cooked was the bacon wrapped dates. They were an amazing blend of rich sweetness, reminiscent of brown sugar or molasses, and savory crisp bacon. However, the date-to-bacon ratio was a bit off; when I make this treat again I will halve the dates to keep the candied flavor from being cloying.
The Patatas Bravas were an easy appetizer of baked fingerling potatoes served with a simple smoked paprika sauce. The potatoes are cooked with a crispy skin on the outside and a soft, pillowy mash on the inside. The rich smoked paprika set off the milder flavor of the potato, and was accented with the tomato paste in the sauce.
Lastly, the Pan con Tomate was another simple appetizer- toasted baguette with grated tomato on top. I gave up on the grater after a while, and just finely chopped my tomato. The lighter flavors of this dish helped to balance out the stronger ones of the other two.