Eat 2 Explore Review- Feijoada with Rice and Collard Greens

The second Eat 2 Explore meal from their Brazil box that I cooked was the Feijoada with rice and collard greens. Although it at its roots it is a very simple dish, this recipe layered umami flavors on top of each other to make a savory, rich, balanced flavor profile. The feijoada is a mixture of smoky bacon, chorizo adding depth and a bit of spice, onion for its bright flavor, and chicken to tie it all together and add substance. Beans are added after the meats cook, bringing a creamy texture and earthy flavor. Then the whole thick, rich, savory mixture is spooned beside a warm, fluffy mound of rice. Wilted kale and sliced oranges accompany them on the plate. A mixture of farofa, a crumbly toasted flour mix, is sprinkled liberally over the feijoada to bring in a tad of crunch. 
This was a dish with a remarkably balanced flavor profile, especially for featuring so many savory meats. The orange served on the side helped to mellow the savory, adding a bright burst of acid. The kale also complemented the rich flavor. I will definitely make this dish again!