Farmer's Flatbread

Yesterday I got to make another amazing Raddish meal using some of our garden produce! We have had a large garden this year, and almost more cherry tomatoes than we can eat. This recipe, Farmer's Flatbread, is perfect for adapting to whatever veggies are in season. It uses a winning combination of homemade flatbread, homemade white sauce, a combination of cheeses, vegetables and basil.
The flatbread comes first- a simple dough, although it takes a while to knead. Then comes the white sauce, which just may have been my favorite part and could be used for many other recipes. It uses ricotta cheese for texture and rich flavor, then heavy cream to smooth it out, and lastly spices to give the sauce depth. Once the flatbread is assembled, it is crowned with mozzarella, Parmesan, and lots and lots of cherry tomatoes! We substituted in some bell peppers (from the garden as well) that added some nice crunch.
The white sauce and cheeses were the perfect hearty complement to the fluffy bread, and the white sauce accented the cheese wonderfully (even though we used inexpensive, bagged Parmesan). We added garden-fresh basil to the top, and the tomatoes were like the cherry on top. This will definitely be a "make-again"!
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